Telemetric -
IoT Platform
  • Control of wireless devices
  • Notifications about important events
  • Universal environment for your devices
  • Real-time data monitoring

Sphere of application

  Electricity metering
  Water monitoring
  Gas monitoring
  Heat monitoring

  Street lighting management
  Monitoring of garbage waste

  Door opening control
  Monitoring water leaks in buildings
  Manhole monitoring

  Smart Parking
  Control of cargo transportation

System capability


Ability to link your devices to a geo location on the map for further monitoring of their status

Support and SOFTWARE updates

Get qualified support and periodic updates of our software products

Data collection 24/7

Remote data acquisition from devices is performed automatically, with support for remote management.

Access right

Differentiation of access rights for each employee of the organization


Ability to build your objects, accounting points in the form of a tree with the possibility of deep nesting


Create and download reports (XLS/CSV) based on ready-made templates created specifically for your devices

Network server LoRaWAN

Control your own network using the LoRaWAN network server included in the Telemetric Local software package

Notification system

External and internal notification tools (WEB, SMS, call), allow you to flexibly adjust to your tasks, configure response scenarios

Installing on your own server

Telemetric box LoRaWAN IOT
The Telemetric Local version is a solution that allows you to deploy a software package that includes a LoRaWAN V 1.03 network server and a personal account of the Telemetric Manager.
Collect and store readings from your devices on a completely proprietary infrastructure.

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