Software development

For each project, a dedicated team that clearly understands all the processes and business idea of the customer's company

We work with projects from 20 000 USD

Directions of development


Development CRM / ERP systems for complex automation

IoT Products

Automated systems for collecting data and processing data from end devices

WEB Services

Development of web services and web applications with complex functionality

Mobile App

Development of mobile applications for quick access to services and products

How we work

  • First meeting with a client

    We extract an idea from the first session and work out how to implement it

  • Understanding of business processes

    In the second session we demonstrate the business process model in the form of a diagram and coordinate it with the client

  • Prices and duration

    At the final session we make a commercial offer and announce the date of implementation of the MVP project


Functional requirements describe the necessary user interactions and system functionality, and contain information about the necessary algorithms and automatic operations.

The terms of reference describe what the created product will do and how to communicate with it

Development of layout design for the app

Sprints contain functionality and algorithms implemented as part of a product version or iteration.

1. Planning a component or module

2. Programming

3. Testing and debugging

4. Release

5. Demonstration

(development time depends on the volume of tasks and team members)

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