Network Server

The architecture of the network server

Accepts all packets via the UDP port from the LaRaWAN Packet Forwarder base stations and converts them to JSON, then sends them to the Network Server.
Supported formats are Packet Forwarder (Semtech UDP Packet Forwarder, Basic Station Packet Forwarder)

Receives all message packets according to the regional standard.
Performs authorization and identification of LoRaWAN end devices.
Provides end device management using LoRaWAN mac-layer commands.
Creates a delayed task to transfer teams. Passes all information to the visual application server. Supports Multicast and Unicast.

The application server visualizes *all the functionality of the network server and provides access via the web interface.
Authorization and user management.
An isolated environment for organizations and companies.
Configuring profiles and services for LoRaWAN devices.
Integrating your app via the API.
Sending and receiving messages (UpLink DownLink) via the API.
Management of end devices and base stations.
Real-time logging of all events and messages in your Larawan network.

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